November 17, 2014

November 16, 2014

Week 11

This week we made a new attachment to replace the "chicken foot." As cool as the chicken foot looked, it only worked for one mission. The new attachment can shoot the ball for the Sports mission, pick up the Reverse Engineering basket and grab the loop from the Using The Right Senses mission.

Our biggest issue has been the slippery mat. We have more wheel slippage than we've ever experienced before. The autocorrect in the move block adds the correction back in at random moments and our programs have not been consistent. To combat the slipping, we tweaked the speed of the robot to help avoid quick takeoffs. We also added a rotation sensor reset and a coast block to our move and turn myblocks. This seems to have fixed the random autocorrect that has been frustrating us all season. Now that the robot is running more consistently, we can concentrate on finishing the programming.

The project script is just about done. Just a few more minor tweaks are needed before the competition this Saturday. By the way, the scrimmage at Lansdale is THIS Saturday! We are meeting 4 times this week to give us more time to get ready.

Wish us luck,

November 13, 2014

Then And Now - Ben

Senior Solutions - 2012

World Class - 2014

November 11, 2014

Week 10

We are less than 2 weeks until our scrimmage at Lansdale, PA. The robot is back together and driving straighter than before. The script for our presentation is still only half written and needs to be finished ASAP. The coach added extra meetings on Tuesdays to help give us time to get ready.

At our last meeting we had visitors. It was a family who want to start their own team next year. It went well and we got a lot accomplished while teaching them the basics of what they need to know. After they left all heck broke loose. We had gotten a lot of programming done but forgot to save it and somehow the file got corrupted. We had to start back from where we were at the beginning of the meeting! We have a lot of work to do to fix the damage. Overall the meeting was ... Interesting.

This is the orange mustache Tyler built for the Apprentice mission It's awesome!


November 5, 2014

Disaster... or is it?

This is what happens when you leave the robot hanging precariously off the edge of the storage table.

As bad as it may look, it is a good opportunity for the boys to match up the drive motors. They were having a terrible time with unreliable turns but didn't want to take the robot apart so close to a tournament. Now they can test all of the motors and choose the pair that matches the best. In the end I think they will have a better bot.

Mrs. B.

November 4, 2014

November 3, 2014

Week 9

We made a lot of progress this week. Tyler and Theo started writing the script for the presentation. They used the statistics from our research of Minecraft and plan to add in info about kinesthetic learning and why our game will help retain facts. Our video demonstration of the game probably won't be ready by the scrimmage although everything else should be ready.

Patrick redid the color square-up myblock so we can choose the color we want to square up to. At first we had to type in the number associated with the color but it was a pain to remember which one was which. Now it lets us type the word red, black or green and the myblock converts it to the number for us.

We finally have a few missions programmed. The next 5 meetings are going to be very stressful while we try to get ready for our first competition, a scrimmage in Lansdale, PA. We had the high robot score last year and hope to keep the streak going. Now back to work!


October 27, 2014

Then And Now - Ian

Food Factor - 2011

World Class - 2014

October 26, 2014

Week 8

On Thursday we interviewed the history teachers from our Middle School. We learned a lot about how they teach and their views on our project. It will be a huge help to us as we put our presentation together. We also set up a workshop to share FLL with the two Middle Schools in our district. We hope it is as fun as last year.

We fixed our square-up myblock and now it works with multiple colors. We made several prototypes for missions but they will need to be tweaked before we are completely satisfied. Tyler noticed that we were setting up a mission model wrong and double checked the orientation of the box. It saved us from a nasty surprise at the competition. Next week we plan to get a lot of the programming finished.


October 21, 2014

Then And Now - Patrick

Since this is our last year of FLL I thought we should have a little fun. Every week I will post pictures of a team member that shows their first year on the team vs. today.

Mrs. B.

Food Factor - 2011

World Class - 2014