September 9, 2014

Week One

Hi, I'm Josh, the team blogger for this season.

This week we assigned jobs, went over meeting rules, as well as created a schedule for both the project and robot game. We've all started doing our research for the project and spent some time creating a strategy for the missions. At the end of our last meeting we all did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

(Edit by Mrs. B) - The team is off  to a great start. They have some really creative ideas for the project that all the boys seem very enthusiastic about. The robot game is going to be very challenging this year but definitely a lot of fun.

Congrats to this year's Team Captain, Tyler! This is the 2nd year in a row that he was voted the leader. Way to go!

September 2, 2014

Our Last Year

This will be the team's last year participating in FLL. All of the boys are in 8th grade and will age out at the end of this season. We plan to make the most of our last year and go out with a bang!

The team is excited to get the 2014-2015 season started. This year they will be researching education and developing a new way to learn. We had our kickoff party last week where the boys built all of the mission models for the robot game.

This week we will assign jobs, vote for a Team Captain, make a schedule for the project and robot game and start designing a robot. Let the fun begin!

September 1, 2014

Another Moonbots Update

We didn't win the Moonbots competition but had an incredible time trying. Congratulations to the winning teams! We just might have to give it another go next year.

July 28, 2014

Moonbots Update

Our team was chosen as one of the 25 finalists! The kids have been hard at work creating a lunar playfield and programming their robot. They presented their research and robot to a group of local scouts last week and had a blast! The final judging is in 2 weeks and there is still lots to get done.

May 18, 2014

Moonbots 2014

Josh and Patrick teamed up with their siblings, Sarah and Hazel, to compete in the 2014 Moonbots challenge. They spent the last 2 months researching "Why should we go back to the moon for good?" and creating a 3 minute video explaining what they found. The top 25 videos will be selected to move on to phase 2, a lunar robotics competition. The winners will be announced on June 15th. Good luck team!!

February 16, 2014

State Competition Results

We ended the season in 13th out of 40 for robot performance. Not too shabby considering the boys had mechanical issues most of the day. We have no idea what was happening with the robot but it sure led to some spectacular mission model smashing. We couldn't have destroyed the table any better if we tried! The boys are feeling a little low about not making it to the World Festival but it's nothing an End Of Season party/Magic tournament can't fix.

I'm still gathering up the pictures and video from the tournament and will get them posted soon. For now, here is the 482 point run from the Regionals.

January 30, 2014

The Many Faces Of Lego Works

Things are slow here on the blog while the team prepares for the States. They are building a prototype of the Aero Float and trying to add a few points to their robot score. I'll post some pictures of the prototype once it is complete.

In the mean time, here are some of my favorite candid pictures of the kids being their goofy selves.

More pictures under the fold...

January 22, 2014

Pictures From The Regional Competition

My favorite picture of the day was taken with the Conflictonauts. They are a great group of kids and we look forward to working with them over the summer.

They spent some time at the practice tables getting their robot ready

Waiting for the run to start was stressful!

Down time was spent hanging out and playing Magic
The team ran through the high five line when they received their awards

It was a wonderful day

January 12, 2014

Moving On To The State Competition!

What an exciting regional competition! We scrambled to the last minute to get our project ready and our robot at its maximum score. Everyone was a nervous wreck while we waited to begin the tournament.

We knew things wouldn't be easy when our first robot run went horribly wrong. The front attachment got tangled in the airplane line and had to be rescued, losing many of our points. Tyler and Theo made a valiant effort to recoup as many points as possible and ended the run with a respectable score of 311.

Ben and Ian were up next and started out strong Almost every mission was executed flawlessly and we were all on our feet cheering. Then disaster struck. The robot hit the gray barriers and couldn't make it into the red zone to finish the run. Even with the loss of the red zone points, they still had a score of 308.

By this time, Patrick and Josh were feeling the pressure. The score to beat was 475 by the Crazy Chickens. Our robot had a maximum score of 512 if everything went perfectly. We all crossed our fingers as the run started. A perfect run with 30 seconds to spare! I've never heard the team cheer so loudly. In the end, we lost the tree branch points because the wires were nudged accidentally. This still gave the team 482 points and the top score for the day.

They received the Top Robot Performance award and the First Place Programming award. They will also be competing in the State Championship Tournament next month. This had to be the most exciting tournament we've ever competed in.

My camera died early in the day so I don't have many pictures to post yet. I'll gather up pics from the parents and get them uploaded soon.

December 23, 2013

Project Grind- Written By Ben

These last few meetings have been, to be honest, boring. We have been on a project grind since the competition. Luckily, we've gotten far into it and have a large portion of it completed. Another thing that has been going on is our barriers mission. I have spent hours over the last 3 or 4 meetings working to build a "base" to put our robot on to help it get over the barriers. I am happy to say that it works! It gets to at least the purple zone almost every time and the red zone sometimes when the mission is run. That makes our new point total max 543! Next week we will continue on our project and tweak the "base" to near perfection. :)

(Update by Coach B.) - This year has been tough. The team has done incredibly well with the robot challenge but has struggled with the project. We have less than 3 weeks until our QT and we are not ready. I have faith that the boys will put in their full effort and get things done. *crossing fingers*

Getting into the Christmas spirit

 Researching flood statistics

Researching mold
Testing weight